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~Thoughts on waking up~

First I'd like to thank Wicked aka rageboxalice for pimping my communities, in fact she wants any communities pimped by my journal, it is -hers- So yes that has been said, because I noticed my communities were mentioned. So now I run three yaoi-themed communities.  All very functional. *yawns* And I just woke up so I can't -think- coherently. Now to ask the mod of animeaddme if she wants to be a sister community to yaoi_add_me

And have I mentioned that Jin's theme song from Xenosaga II so owns me.

It's like the people over at Monolith were like.

"Hey everyone, I know Nia Westphal is a Citan addict. We've already sold her on that aspect.. but how can we -clinch- it?"

"I know, let's make Jin's theme song with spanish guitars.. that will hook her if the Citan factor will not."

And so Jin's theme song was born. X_x

I also am digging the Jin and Marguelis fight scene music.

Shows how much of a yaoi loser I am when I almost put an x between Jin and Marguilis's names. *snickers*
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