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~You know I love you when...~

I stole this idea from shahni because it was a good one.

For the person online who is the closest to me online. (There is only one..)

- You are the first one I IM when you come online
- I even IM you when I am invisible
- I write stuff for you, drabbles, things that you enjoy because I enjoy seeing smiles on your face
- I will drop pretty much -everything- to talk to you.
- I stay online for as long as I possibly can so that I can talk to you
- I make it a point to learn everything that you are interested in.. including your fandoms
- I love your characters, every single one of them
- I love them so much -because- I love you and respect you as an individual, and they are creations of your mind, in all it's glory which I adore as well
- Even if we do not RP, life is still complete because we are communicating, talking and sharing
- I am always thinking of the next song I am going to send you over AIM
- I research characters that I know nothing about (like the FFX-2 craze when it hit you) because it is something you like, and I know that if you like it, I'll probably like it too.
- You make me smile to where I can't stop.</i>

There.. *hee's*  The person who it is directed to should know it is about them

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