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Tomorrow I meet duokinneas's friend, Jessalyn aka destry.. in which we are going around Boise searching for cosplay items and thereby scarring the populace of Idaho.. or at least Boise... and then I pick up the next two (and last) volumes of Fruits Basket and oooh ooh the first volume of Trouble Chocolate.  kurohyou has sparked my curiousity of it and since Kuro has such absolute fabi taste, it just -has- to be good.

And how hard can it be to find a brown suit..  Tatsumi is going to be so simple, the only not so simple thing will be the wig.. but -hell-, I have how many months to pick that up? *snickers*

Doing nothing much.  I have a cake in the oven..  Funfetti.. which is the stuff with all the sprinkles in it.  I couldn't stop wanting to eat the cake batter though. X_x.  Damn Duncan Hines, Betty Crocker, Pillsbury.. those damn Keebler Elves!!!    STOP TEMPTING ME WITH YOUR SPARKLY STUFF.

Also got an apology from Chris in Utopia Orbiting which was completely unlooked for.  He was apart of that whole StayCee thing, or at least I thought..    But he told me that he was sorry for ever stereotyping me into the 'typical yaoi fangirl' mold.  So I said forget about it. 

I will admit that I am a yaoi fan.. but I am also realistic to hope that I don't go overboard on it.  It's a fandom after all and fandoms are never meant to be taken seriously.

Anyways that's my update.. (lengthy) for the day.

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