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I woke up early because it is Shaoran's ritual to punt at my nose backa nd forth.. over and over.  I don't remember my dreams which I think is a good thing.  Of course let me take this time to do something that is nice and not directed toward myself.    Well first of all, my freind shimishimishimi (fun name, eh? *giggles*) got me sorta so that I like the Chernekov and Marguilis pairing.    And well she created original characters based on them that she uses for a webcomic called Principal Character

I would now like to direct you toward that link.  I am obsessively watching it so that she has to update it especially for me now.. or something! ^_^

Principal Character

I'm such a big Sydney and Arvis fangirl. X_x

AND SHE UPDATED!  WHEEE.. *goes to check*

Edit: *has just read updates and died laughing* Oh gods.. I love this. And for the reference this is one of the FEW webcomics that I check. So yes, go read!
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