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Fandom:  Xenogears
Pairing:  Absolutely none whatsoever.
Title:  "Pin the Tail on the Fei"
Challenger:  darkpaw, thanks for the word

I didn't do a word count, I am lazy. *heh's*

Most birthdays were celebrated in the Uzuki Household and with great pomp in ceremony.  Or as much as the inhabitants of the household would allow.  But undoubtedly there was no birthday celebrated in such childlike grandeur as that of Princess Midori.  On that day her golden hair and limpid brown eyes reigned supreme and all were subject to her whims.. King Citan, Queen Yui and the Court Jester, Fei.  For that day of the year there was no end of birthday cake and ice cream, the juice nearly poured out of the faucet and it was a vertible horn of plenty all around.

The party games though left much to desired.

Especially when it was one of Midori's absolutely wonderful ideas to see if her and the village children could play 'pin the tail on the Fei'.

"But Midori. Such an activity would make Fei rather sore."  Citan had explained calmly to his daughter as they were in the kitchen filling balloons with water for the ensuing afternoon water fight that Midori had wanted.  Citan thought it was likely because she wanted to get Dan in the face for all the times he tried to flirt with her.

"Fei will not mind.. he wears the floppy hat for me all the time when I ask him."

"Well Midori, I would think that the floppy hat is not -quite- the same as a tail with a needle stuck through it so that said tail may be affixed to something.  And I do not think that Fei wants it affixed to his bottom with said needle."

"Well then, can we use glue?"  Midori suggested, glancing up at her father with a impish sparkle crossing over her sweet eyes.

"Midori Harcourt Uzuki.. you -are- incorrigible."

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