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Your favorite of your fics.

Out of all the fics you've written, you have to have something (or several somethings) that you like more than the others. Copy this into your journal and tell us exactly which of your own fics that you like the best, and give us links so that we can go review and tell you why we like them too.

Well I will just give a smattering of fics that are my personal favorites. *hee's*

A Kiss Before Dying  - This is a very personal favorite because it is the first one that I have ever done.  I still need to get up the willpower to complete it.. but I am pleased with how it's turned out thus far.    It is a het fic..  however I believe I made the female character with weaknesses.. believable.  I love Corrine.

Come Undone  -  This is a songfic.  An Utena songfic set to the song by Duran Duran, Come Undone.  I liked how I got into the student council's heads.. it is a beautiful songfic.. the words just flowed when I wrote it.

The Truth Is.. Baralai Version - This is one half of a fic written by my co-partner in Crime, kurohyou, She wrote the Nooj version and it was really quite beautiful, it made me think of something twining together.  I always get sapped when I read it.

Japanese Girl -  This is a Citan Uzuki and Sigurd Harcourt smut.  I loved writing this.. and never has anything flowed quite so well.. it's just wonderful. *hee's* That and the mental image of Sigurd and Citan.. well you know what I mean. X_x

The Promise -  This is a Citan-centric fic.  Involving right after the events of Lahan.  It makes me smile because that fic makes me feel like I truly captured the essence of Citan.  In all actuality queenofhearts inspired this fic. ^_^

There those are my top favorites. ^_^

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