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Well I don't really how much of an update except for the fact that I am spending a bit more time with Magus in my mind..  while Citan has been sort of pushed back.  He is not liking that in spurts.. there are times he's okay with not being the center soulbond, there are other times that he isn't really.  I hope that Citan is not jealous of Magus.. I might have to write something to pacify him. -_-

Oh yes, just saw Fruits Basket episode 2... oh my gods.. Shigure in a SUIT!  *just dies*  In fact I just adore Shigure still.. he's so pretty.. he makes me smile everytime he comes on the screen.  I think he looks great in whatever he wears.  Yes, the yaoi in the series is just overwhelming.. I'm seeing all sorts of tension.  Of course I adore Torhu.. because she isn't like -stupid-.. just clueless, but in her own sweet way.  So I can't like grudge her or anything.

I also like her blond haired american friend.  Oh gods just did I ever drool.. I think I have a weakness for hair in the eyes. X_x

I can't wait to see the third episode.  *just dies*
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