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LJ Username 
Knows Your Dirty Secret acerob1
Think You Have Too Many Issues gethsamane
Doesnt Know You Exist seraphjewel
Will Steal All Your Fav. Possesion whatevercomes
Is Stalking You At This Very Moment icehacker
Going To Kill You Next Week hoshiakari
This Quiz by xxDaggerxx - Taken 16 Times.
New - Dating Advice written by YOU!

And all that for stealing his cookies... DAMN IT NO ONE IS SUPPOSED TO KNOW MY DIRTY SECRET.

Which reminds me, I have the main theme to Xenosaga II..  ALL FEAR ME!

I love the musical departure.  It sounds like Xenogears.. the song is very reminiscent.  I love the chanting.  Jin is so going to own me.  It'll be an all day squeeing fest.  Jin just owns my soul anyways..he's sharing it as a co-op with Citan.

And to Hoshiikari..  I AM GOING TO RUN!  CATCH ME! *flails and skitters*

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