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True happinesss is when I am watching the first episode of Fruits Basket and I listen to Shigure and I point and go "That's K!"

Of course I did second guess myself.. however I went to search and stumbled over to Hitoshi Doi's and saw that OMG Ryoutarou Okiya did the voice for K.. and I WAS RIGHT!

So Shigure Sohma is currently a favorite character.  Not because he has K's voice but because well.. okay maybe a little.. but I like the quirky characters.

Oh yes, I would just like to say that I am still sending wishes out to kurohyou.  Hopefully she'll get that job.

Been doing RL stuff and then messing around in UO.  *sways*

UO seems to be a summer thing for me.

Now to download the next Fruits Basket.  X_x;  That ending to the first episode was cute.    Tohru doesn't know -how- cute she has it.

And for the record.. I do not hate Tohru..  I think that if she is surrounded by all those hot guys.. hoiwever she can only have one (or two) of them.. the rest -will- be slashed in my mind.  I am a naughty yaoi fangirl ^0^
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