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~Utopia Orbiting~

Spent all day in Utopia because Al wanted me in there.  Scary things that happened in there.

I earned another stalker..  named Kirie.  Creepy as all fuck.  I posted Alice Cooper lyrics and he just decided to PM me and annoy the hell out of me.    Sometimes I make a really sucky staff.. though people seem drawn to make me staff.  I don't know why, I don't consider my public relations skills all up to par.

We had an amusing discussion about Grade C Sigurd Milk.  If you have to -ask-.... *trails off*

Reformated the Picture Request Forums..

Also trying to oust Marcus's post count.

I am up to 2000 and Marcus is at 4000

I made 800 posts in 2 days. X_x

Al has faith in me evidentally.

And Marcus coined another phrase for me that I am using for my forum tag.. involving Boy!Smut and girls to the yard.

Really we would love to have you all come out to Utopia Orbiting


I'd make you all feel at home.. I promise!

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