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My Best Friend is duokinneas
Our 35 common interests are: anime, biseinen, bishounen, chobits, clamp, club smut, dance dance revolution, depeche mode, doujinshi, duran duran, eurodance, fake, geisha, getbackers, harry potter, j-pop, japanese culture, lord of the rings, manga, music, mythology, shounen ai, slash, smut, snarkiness, techno, the tea party, twincest, vampires, writing, xenogears, yami no matsuei, yaoi, yaoicest, yuri
Who is your best friend?
Created by macoto

Wow, that is rather.. wierd..  But you know it's rather fitting. *snickers*

Also, I know that if kurohyou updated her list and had more things on it (fandom) stuff, she'd be ranking right up there.  (since Kuro and I have so much in common.)  But at least I am happy to note that I do have someone fairly close rank up there.  It's nice to know.
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