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~Hyuuga and Sigrd: Round 1~

Sequal of course to the infamous Round Zero doujinshi which I also very much own.  (refer to my icon which is taken from the cover of that doujin)

And man, I think my eyes just popped out.  I know Citan's eyes were bleeding.

Citan Finger Tentacle Rape..  that is all I have to say on that score.    And the fingers have little happy faces on them.  To be reading that Doujinshi, I was like "OMG LIEK WHUT?"

Yet another thing that I will never let Citan live down.

Citan:  Do not blame me, blame the artist.

It is definitely a wild card that I am -glad- to own. *dies snickering*  Oh gods, it so needs to be scanned.. the chibi of Citan and Sigurd smutting is great.. and they actually have Citan topping a great deal... it's wonderful.  Most artists when pairing the two men, automatically chalk Citan as being bottom.

I like it.. I like it alot.. and the kisses.. are so hot. X_x  Okay enough now.. *puts the doujinshi on my bookshelf*
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