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The characters for Swan Song (or rather characters that will appear..)  Most of these pictures are the closest I can -get- to what they look like.. the pictures -do- capture the essence of them I believe. *hee's*

Magus Bainbridge  - The Protagonist of "Swan's Song"
Schala Bainbridge  -  Magus's mother, and the Priestess of the Elementals.  (The Elementals are the beings of worship in Sylvia)
Lord Janus Zeal  -  He looks rather evil, eh?  That is because he's supposed to be evil.  He is the protagonists uncle and everything that a major villian -should- be.  He is the headmaster of the "Valdora Academy of Magic" as well as the current Head Mystic of Sylvia.
Darryn Bainbridge -  Janus's second in command and Schala's twin brother.  His nature is cloaked.  He does not -seem- outwardly evil.  Is he?  Or isn't he?
Violetta Durante -  A young Mage of Nature.  Also a very close friend of Schala Bainbridge (And by close, I mean -close- *wink*)

As of yet Magus does not have a romantic interest.    I have decided not to.  For the mere fact that I need to write more of his school days.

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