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~Icon change time~

It is time to change my icon and so I am going to do this as logically as I can and that is use my MP3 playlist to change it.  It is called my electic way of changing it. X_x, call it Nia's wierd song associations.    It seems to be quiite popular though and so while I am waiting for the song to ramble through, I will equally ramble over the previous icon was my naughty icon.  In that icon the thing that are going from Sigurd's lips to Citan's is raman.    I thought it looked like a string of cum.  So anyways hence the really perverted thought.

Now the next song is queuing up

It is..


"Inside" by Sting

I picked this icon because the song is very introspective and, I think the icon is very introspective.    I love Sting.
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