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~Prince Charming ran off with Mr. Right.. or at least the ugly StepSister..~

Or at least the sister part was what the creators of Shrek 2 -wanted- you to believe.

I just got back from Boise where duokinneas and I had a merry time watching Shrek 2.    Once again it was a snerking fest.    What did the trip comprise of.

1.) Drive to Boise. (not fun)
2,) Twenty minutes of afternoon traffic through downtown Boise
3.)  Eating at Win Buffet.  (Help me if I wasn't checking out the cute asian waitress.
4.) Drove to pick up Talyn.
5.)  We bummed around her room for around 15 minutes.  She lent me all that she had of the Rayearth manga.. and Man of 20 Faces., and I in turn let her borrow what I had of Utena.
6.)  Got her to promise to scan me the smutty Sigurd x Citan doujinshi for kurohyou's viewing pleasure.
7.)  Got trampled by her dogs
8.)  Sped to Edwards 21 where we talked about.. crazy stuff.. and sang along to Here I Stand and Face the Rain and thanked the gods that we didn't have a radar set in the car.
9.)  Got to Edwards and almost jacked the Keybank ATM machine.  (probably drew alot of stares from people that thought we were crazy)
10.)  FINALLY got a pretzel.. X_x
11.)  Watched Shrek 2 and cackled at all the appropriate places. *grins*
12.) Drove back and dropped Miss Talyn (in which we had a thoroughly amusing conversation about why Citan and Kenshin are sluts.) at her home then came back to Mountain Home.

All in all a fun day.  Of course Talyn will be more concise about what happened, and will probably have a lenghier entry.

Next time, that ATM machine better hide.. I'll bring the big guns. *evil smirk*  We'll pound it good.  Booyaka!

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