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~Work was fine~

Except that it was the Mary Kate and Ashley movie which I got to watch the last 10 minutes of.  Any respect I had for them (which was not much), went down the drain quite literally.

So anyways, I might go to bed early tonight, since I woke up very early to clean the house and the whatnot, and therefore did not get stellar sleep.  My sleeping patterns have been rather erratic, that is for certain, I sleep when I absolutely -need- to, I suppose..  I go to work, I watch movies, I have done a bit more writing which is a good thing, I am trying to do what fallofrain does and write a little drabble every day... or at least something. (except I am sure she writes more then me.. *snickers*)

After I get into the habit of writing something on spur, I will open up the request lines.. it'll be at a first come, first serve thing.. I wasn't too happy with the birthday drabble, I think it is because I saw it as choppy.  And yes angeluszion, you are right, it is nigh, not neigh..  *snickers* There ya go CItan, whinny like a horse.

Anyways I did a ritual today, actually I did several.  I did one for a few friends, and then I did one for myself.  Hopefully they will feel the effects of the ritual I did, hopefully it will bring them out of their dark times.  I had to do the same type of ritual for me.. something to coax me out of my apathetic mood, to coax myself into something constructive.

Cleaning is constructive though.. and I'll probably fall over in sleep tonight.

I haven't been in the mood to really -do- anything.  I blame it all on me though..  I really need to get rid of all those regency romances in my closet.. because I don't think I will read them, I've been in the mood to read things that enlighten me.  The last good book I read was "The Honey and the Sting" by Chris Hunt.. and before that "Memoirs of a Geisha"

Though granted I will admit that I am still worried.  But it is not because I do not know, it is because I do know and I can't do anything to help except pray.  I hope that is enough, I hope that they feel them.

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