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~Birthday Drabble for ket_makura~

Happy birthday!  *grins*  This was created -especially- for you.  Because everyone deserves something for their birthday, and you happen to be easy for the mere fact that you kinda like the Sigurd x Citan pairing.  So here goes. ^_^


Fandom:</b> Xenogears
Pairing:  Sigurd x Citan
Word:  None in particular..
Written for: ket_makura

He always liked the milky amber silkness of Sigurd's skin.  It was a constant source of fascination.    It had what made him unique in Jugend among other things.  It was the way that caramel skin contrasted with the stark whiteness of Solaris.  While the hair matched, the skin did not quite fit, it made Sigurd special.  Unique.  Like candy topping on the ice cream that they got at the ice cream place in downtown Entrenak.    Something that Hyuga could try to lick off but new that he couldn't.  Trying was half the fun though. 

Sigurd was his very own special treat.    Hyuga had taken his time that first time, unclothing all of Sigurd, splaying his fingers over well honed muscles that were a product of hours of training with Jesiah and which the specially altered Elements uniform did not nearly do justice to.

The first thing off was the shirt, revealing Sigurd's chest, brown sugar topped with chocolate coloured nipples that hardened when he flicked and licked at them.  The moans that emmerged from half parted lips were the sweetest of all though, causing him to come back for more and more.

Hands wandered toward a flat stomach, casually tugging and tweaking at the belly ring that Sigurd possessed.  There was so many things that he longed to do with that belly ring.  Run a silver chain through it, lead Sigurd around by the celebrated ring, show everyone who the Element of Fire belonged to, he wanted to tug at it with his teeth, see if the piercing was really as sensitive as he imagined to be.  But there were so many possibilities for pleasure and he knew that this would not be the last time... especially with the way that his lover seemed to come apart after each feathered touch.

And then something that he had previous-to only seen in hastily groping fantasies after a long tiresome evening of holing himself up at the Jugend gear hanger.  A throbbing arousal pressed insistantly against thigh.  Wonderfully ridged in all the right places and completely and totally enthralled with his every benidictionary touch.  It made him feel like the master of all the land that he surveyed and indeed such power was great.  More then a handful and enough of a mouthful that he should be amused for what could only seem like hours.    And oh, how it melted in his mouth, melted like the very sugar that it resembled.

Indeed is Sigurd was a treat.. and Hyuga was neigh but a thirsty man suddenly come upon an oasis.

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