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Scratch all that about moving on.. because I am not.. because I finally got to talk to Kuro even very briefly and I realize that I didn't do anything. I was worried that I had done something to push her away.. I guess that is an ongoing fear of mine. Rejection I suppose. However all my fears have been relieved and I will be praying and supporting Kuro.. most definitely. It is true when they say that doubt and mis-information can nearly kill one.

Thank you for appraising me of the situation. Now that I know that it is not me, that I did not do anything to push you away.. I can breath easier now.. and devote my energies to -not- being depressed or slightly morose.

Moving right along...

I am going with duokinneas to see Shrek 2 on Tuesday, it'll be fun.. much insanity shall insue. I just -know- it. That and Edwards 21 is never -that- crowded on weeknights. (and I do not like crowds) Hopefully they will have the damn pretzels when I go there... *snickers* And hopefully Talyn won't get a sugar/caffiene buzz. (Though I think it is muchly amusing when she does. *snickers*)

Oh yes, I liked Van Hellsing, at least the end.  Count Dracula.. he was exactly how a LiveAction Citan would look in my mind... just gotta give him the small glasses.. perched on his nose.. mmmm yes.

Oh yes, I also got a gmail account.

The first invite I recieve is going to kurohyou.. so just a matter of waiting for that. 1000 megs of space is not too shabby.  Which reminds me, I need to send labcreatedruby her song. Do you think I could have a reprise of your email addy so I can send it to you?

Oh yes, I love brainmuffin, I just thought I would tell everyone that.

And the mere fact that the post ended on that song that is playing.. it gives me hope.. nothing cannot be -quite- so bad when the Lahan song plays.
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