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~Drabble, thanks reunion~

Fandom:  Xenogears
Pairing:  Sigurd x Citan
Challenge Word: Lemon

Here it is.. rather fun to write..  ENJOY!


"I daresay that this is their idea of fun.."  Hyuga remarked dryly as he folded his arms over his chest and surveyed the scene before them.  Everyone that was responsible for the fall of Deus was in the great dining hall of Bledavik Palace, however what dominated the scene was Fei at one end of the table and Bart at the other.  Throwing fruit back and forth.  Bart had said something snarky evidentally and Fei had to retaliate because when it came down to it, there was still a little bit of ID in him that reacted to Bart's loud-mouthed commentaries.

"Boys will be boys is what they always say."  Sigurd chuckled rather amusedly.

"Why are you not stepping in again?"  Hyuga said with a tilt, his eyes cast on Elly who was shaking her head in frustration, at the scene Fei was making.

"Because this is their idea of flirting.. that and Bart is King, I suppose he can do whatever he wants when he's in the company of his friends."

"You know, five years ago you would not of said something like that... in fact five years ago you would of dragged Bart off by the ear for such behavior."  Hyuga chuckled, remembering such instances.

"After a while I just realized that it was futile."  Sigurd whispered back to his now-lifemate.  "Besides I have other duties, not just ones to Bart."

That caused Hyuga to look at Sigurd with fondness in his dark chocolate brown eyes, a look ran between both of them, shedding it's tendrils deep into their very souls.  An understanding was shared that could only be wrought of the bonds between sea and fire.

It had all the appearances of turning into a shared kiss.  That was until something heavy hit Hyuga at the back of his head and he sort of fell into Sigurd.  It completely -ruined- the little tableaux that wanted to be created.  Ah well, save it for another time.

"Whatever was -that-?" Hyuga demanded as he rubbed the back of his neck. He glanced over and noticed that the fruit fling had ceased and Bart and Fei were standing there at the ends of the respective table, looking for all the world like repentant waifs instead of the grown men that they -were-.

Sigurd walked over and picked up the offending piece of fruit, a rather large -lemon-.  He rose up, twirling the lemon in his hand.

"Well when life hands you lemons, make lemonade..." Sigurd said with a grin as he offered the lemon for Hyuga to look over.

"Do they have a clause for when life -throws- them at you?"

"No, I don't really think I got that particular memo, did you?"

"Evil..."  Hyuga hissed underneath his breath

"I know.. but you still love me."  Sigurd assured Hyuga with his own rakish grin which Hyuga could only groan and rub the back of his head in response to.

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