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I want to do a Jugened Elements Drabble.. but I am pondering.  I love capturing Sigurd and Hyuga's little romance in the simple things that they share between each other.  And there is a reason that they are my OTP.. because both their personalities.  Combine them and you get pure and simple magic.


*-the above statement only reflects the mun's opinion...

My inspiration needs a kickstart though. *kicks it*

Also I am going to call up duokinneas about doing something sometime next week since she just got back from Colorado.. then she can amuse me with the full account of her wonderful trip. ^_^

Also "Final Fantasy Song Book - Mahoroba" is taking a long time to download.  Supposedly it is Uemetsu's response to Mitsuda's "Creid" (which in my estimation is the best video game music -ever-.. nothing can beat it.)

Which reminds me, next time I go to Boise, I am -pre-ordering- Xenosaga II.

Jin is my god. X_x

It stands to reason he shall also be a favorite character.. I mean what with him being the Citan Arctype.  (Don't we like those Citan archtypes, gamera? *snickers* ^_~

Now listening to "Lahan" from the "Creid" soundtrack.

There should be more Lahan-love.

I love that place... I wanna live there.

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