Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~Something I wrote waaaaaaaaaaay back when~

~Everything I needed to Know, I learned from Duran Duran~

1.) Rainy Thursdays are the happiest times of the week.
2.) Guys with purple hair are just downright sexy.
3.) Guys can be pretty and wear lipstick too.
4.) There's a party going on in room 609. *heh's*
5.) There is joy to be had in suffering and misery.
6.) There is also joy to be had in wild passionate hot steamy sex.
7.) People with the first name of Warren can't be trusted.
8.) It is cool to change your first name, John did it! (Nigel to John)
9.) It is also cool to change your last name, Nick did it! (Bates to Rhodes)
10.) Change is inevitable yet not entirely unpleasant.
11.) Listen closely and pay attention. (I mean half the time you can't understand what Simon is singing)
12.) Medazzaland is a state of mind
13.) It is cool to be an individual. (John broke away from Duran and started his own solo career.. much to be respected)
14.) High Tech Sex Toys Rock.
15.) So does Chrome, Latex & Steel. *is listening to Barbarella right now*

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