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~Gravity.. no escaping gravity...~

Time to change my icon and we all know what that means. *heh's*  It means that I am going to do it by MP3 playlist.  Because the regular picture of Citan has gotten overused and well it's always time for a change.  Now everyone knows that I am incapable of changing my icon by normal means so I will use whatever comes up on my playlist.. it is called song association.. which in itself can be damn well twisted.

And usually Citan hates me for it.

Right now "Special K" is on by Placebo.. but that will change in a few moments.

... what is the song..



"In Denial" by Pet Shop Boys

I could have -so- much fun with this one. *snerks*

Yup, this is the one I want to use. *cackles*
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