Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

Yay survey!

Where did you get your user name?: I got it from Xenogears, the legend of the One Wing.. which I thought was just the most beautiful legend in the entire world. *sobs* Citan x Sigurd, theirloveissowinged!

Wow, clever... how's that working for you: Oh just great. It's a peasy alternative to l33tgrrrrl or any other appelation.

Do you think people who quote movies are a)intelligent, b)suave, c)pathetic or d)all of the above?: Oh I think it varies.. I think it is judged by the people who quote them. Like Alexi, he quotes movies all the time.. and I'd put him in the intelligent catagory.. my friend Dimitri however.. definitely number c.

Name three articles of clothing you are currently wearing: Jeans, grey shirt and forest green socks.

Is it possible to punch a baby so hard that it's head will shoot off?: Ummmmm... my sceptic side says that your fist would have to have the power of a moving car behind it, and that is not possible.. not to mention fists are not sharp.. no you'd just break the neck.. and then it'd flop backwards.. and damn that's sad

Are you willing to test that hypothosis?: You just made baby jesus cry thankyouverymuch.

Dead Baby Jokes or Garbage Pail Kids? Dead Baby Jokes.. or rather my cats saying, "I eat babies".. because my cats do. *nodnod*

Smurfs or Snorks? Smurfs because they were all gay

ET or Alf? I liked em both.. *snurfles*

Spandex or Latex? LAtex... meow.. especially the liquid kind that you peel off your lover.

Innie or Outie? I'm an innie who wants to be an outtie.. *smurfs*
Leather or Lace? I'm kinky, I like leather
Grower or Shower? What the hell is a grower?
Geek or Greek? Well considering I am a geek and not a greek, I'd have to say geek. *snickers*

Culture or sub-culture? I like Culture..but I also like Sub-culture.
Heads I win or tails you lose? Heads U R LAME
Complete the following sentences:
Let's all sing like the Krelian's sing.
I love the smell of Mansex in the morning
We buried him where the gay people grows.
In the beginning was the Soylent.
Call me Citan.
The President needs to throw himself to a shark.

Favorite color?: Forest Green
Favorite emotion? Kuro should be an emotion.. she really should.
Favorite emotion eric? Whose Eric and what's he doing with my emotions?
Is the rhythm going to get you? Let's see.. *gets a bed and Kuro and proceeds to test out this theory*
What is the most disgusting thing you have ever eaten? Escargot.. hands down.. on a cruise ship.. after eating that, my appetite just -fled-.. french people disturb me.
Would you eat it again for this shiny new quarter?: Try, 4 million of those shiny quarters...
Would you give me a quarter to eat it?: If you eat the escargot, I'll give you the quarter and laugh.
Why the hell not?: --------------blank----------------------
If you were me and I was you would you do the things that I won't do? Well I don't usually do things..

A train is traveling from Vermont at 75mph carrying a cargo of french whores. If a plane armed with incendiary penicillin packets left LAX traveling 153mph into a SW wind gusting at speeds of 45mph and if those self-same french whores were host to an advanced civilization of std evolved messiahs, what would you do? WHAT WOULD YOU DO?: Are you sure that's french whores and not Citan and Nooj? Oh wait.. SAME THING! *cackles* Well Nooj and Citan are expendable...

Why do you take these things? Because Kuro did it and if Kuro jumped off a cliff, I'd probably follow... I'm a goat like that...

If boredom, why not read a book?: Mmmm gay smut

If you're a vain person who likes talking about themselves why not get a livejou... oh wait...*snarks*: I never talk about myself on LJ.. I talk about my muses and how pathetic they are.. one day they'll kill me

Plastic Bag? Kay
Plastic Bag? *hands it to Citan so he can go McGuyver on it*

Do you think ADD and ADHD it's hyperactive cousin are nothing more than a plot by the drug industry to catch children young and keep them enslaved to their terrible substances?: I don't know.. I think prime time television does that just fine.

Have you seen any UFOs lately? Does my friend Dimitri count?
Is the truth really out there? Yes it is.. *mrrhs*
Silk or Satin? I like them both.. *rawrs*
Price is Right or Jeopardy?: Bob Barker is a disgusting old guy pimp
Musical or Monster Truck Rally? Musical.. *prods Citan into singing "I Feel Pretty"*
Interpretation or intent? Interpertation.. because my mind is wierd
If your belief system was proved to be wrong would you cling to it from a misguided sense of loyalty? That's not going to happen, there is no proof on belief..
Correlary: or get on with your life under our new robotic masters?: Vive le Machina cocks

Santa or Satan? YAY SATAN.. though I want the South Park Satan... he rocks
Bush or ANYONE ELSE? Nooj for President!!!
Sweet Sweet Loving or Stale Circus Peanut? Depends on who holds the sweet sweet loving.
I knew you'd say that.: WHATEVER!
The following statement is a lie or the preceding statement is true?: I so confused. *cries*
Parradox or flight of fancy? Both.. I like Pardox because they sound very phallic... I'm not obsessed with men granted, just wishing I -was- one.. except I'd be a ten times better male.. I think at least.
Bran or laxitive?: I don't know.. Citan wants me to say Bran because it is natural.. I am saying that I do not want to think that he even -uses- the bathroom.
Have you ever seen an ice cream truck get gas? No.. o.o;; OMG.. X_X THEY ARE USING THE ICE CREAM BUYING CHILDREN AS FUEL!!!!!!! (OMG YOU ARE RIGHT!!!!!)
If no, isn't that weird? I bet you it's fuel -is- children.. *heh's*
Where are the Snowdens of yesterday? Disneyland!
Straight, gay, bi, or waiting till marriage? Lesbian..
PPL WOH TLK LK TH1S? Or please GOD MAKE THEM STERILE!: Please make them sterile.. or else put them as far away from me as possible.
LOL or Vie Bart Vie? LMAO
Why is it that truly smart people are in such sort supply? Absolutely.. unfortunately stupid people breed like bunnies.. whereas the smart ones usually have enough sense to keep it in their pants.
Is there such a thing as a "Victimless Crime?": I don't think so..
To what extent do perceptions effect your reality?: Alot of the time.. one person's halo is another person's cock ring.
How are you affected by the fashion choices of others?: No.. thank gods
Which is worse? To know that you pissed someone off and not know the reason? Or to know the reason and have them refuse to talk to you about it?: To know that I pissed someone off and not know the reason.
What's worse being alone, loving and losing, or unrequited love? Unrequited love... definitely
Is there anything more satisfying that taking a poop while on the clock at work? That's just a lame question.. *dies*
What's the dumbest thing someone has said to you today?: "I don't want to watch Yami no Matsuei because it's GAY" - Dimitri
What is the dumbest thing you have said today? "That's just a pin in the ocean." -Me to Alexi about slutty girls.. and I mixed up metaphors in the process.
Is there a place for poetry in this modern world? ALWAYS
Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla.. *licks it*
Anal or oral?: Do I have to answer this? *snickers* Because the gay guy in me likes Anal.. the lesbian in me likes oral.. soooooooooooo.. okay yes, enough from me.
Electric or coal powered? Electric.. definitely
Force your personal beliefs on others or eat yummy razor blades?: Yummy razor blades.. *goes to share with the people that force their christianity down my throat*
SPAM or Meat is murder? Does anyone truly -know- what SPAM is made of.. for all intents and purposes it could be veggitable guts dyed pink.
Is murder really delicious? I like killing Citan.. that's yummy
What do you hate? Hypocrites, idiots, alot of things
What do you love? Yaoi, music, writing, anime, video games, Kuro, Citan Uzuki, Xenogears, Smut, Angst
How would you feel if your only love came from your only hate?: Oh yes, I'd angst.. *snickers*
Whose got two thumbs and is taking a survey? I am!
Was the preceeding question really offensive to the thumbless members of my audience? If people didn't have thumbs.. I doubt they'd be reading your little survey
Who did you steal this survey from? kurohyou
Did you actually read their answers first? Yes, I always read Kuro's answers.. because I glow when she mentions me. *snickers*
Or are you just hopelessly addicted and jonesing for an opprotunity to answer trite questions about your genitalia?: OMG HOW DID YOU GUESS!!!
How big is it anyway? Twelve inches.. if I'm gonna have a dick, it's gonna be big
Ladies, same question but I'm refering to the mammary glands now. o.o;: *binds em* Me? Breasts.. NAH!
Anyone: how big do you like em? I'd rather have lover with a big brain then big other stuff... anyone can have big.. stuff.. but not everyone can have the large imagination to do -other- kinky stuff.
WANT SCOOBY DOO DICK? OUR PILLS GUARENTTEE 3-9 inc... ack stop fucking spam... it's becoming rather subliminal isn't it?: But I like spam. *cries*
Porn or erotica?: Homoerotica
Art or Kitchz? Art!
Desilu or Harpo? Fei....
Jerry Springer or MTV's Jackass?: At first I thought htat said Michael Jackson and I was like WTF!!!
Private shame or movie of the week? Private Shame.. it makes it that more dramatic.
World peace or revenge for our dead? I want World Peace.. Citan wants Revenge for Our Dead.. i.e Him.
If you were dead, would you care?: If I were dead, I'd be dead
Eager to find out? *Baby Jesus Cries*
Blissful ignorance or depressing knowledge? Depressing Knowledge..
Sometimes you feel like a big idiot.
Has this survey gone on too long?: No.. it hasn't
Are you worried that I should have stopped?: After that 1000 question one I am -still- trying to fill out, you can't do much to me
How many pop-culture references did you get in the preceeding survey? I didn't count but I knew they were there
How many did you insert as your answer? *cries*
Don't you feel unique? I -am- unique0
Annoying survey created by cinzazul
Feel free to steal, alter, and otherwise misuse. I'm sure most of these questions have been asked before and probably in a more eloquent manner. I'm just some jerk who put them in that particular order

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