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~Yami no Matsuei parings that own me~

Tsuzuki x Hisoka (though they can switch topping, I am sure of it)
Muraki x Tsuzuki (Mmmmmm potential non-con.. me lieks that..)
Muraki x Watari (This is my WTF - but it's so cute little pairing.)
Tatsumi x Watari (This is very quickly becoming my OTP for the series...)
Muraki x Oriya (Because Oriya's concern for Muraki is so damn touching)
Tatsumi x Tsuzuki. (Because the way that Tatsumi comforts him)

Essentially it all stems down to the fact that any way you slice the Yami-bread, it's all good.. Hurrah!

OTPOTPOTP!!! *snickers* It looks really wierd if you look at it.

I have yet to watch the last episode in the Tarot series.. and then the last disk of the series. When the manga comes out from Tokyo Pop, I am -so- buying it! *yays*

Anyways gotta go.. that is my rambly for the day.. *whee's*
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