Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~Minor updates~

Well, lesse. I suppose I should start with Sunday. On Sunday I met duokinneas and I would like to say that we had a blast. We did a bunch of fangirling and talked about many many many things. Hopefully I passed her father's inspection. But anyways she's going to watch Getbackers and be inducted into the love that is that blatant fanservice. She also lent me Yami no Matsuei and I am -so- loving that series.

Then Alexi and I went to see Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and I was impressed with some parts of that movie.. other parts I was just like, eh. (The Sirus x Lupin allusions were great, in fact I -loved- David Thewliss as Lupin.. he really fit the part.) However now it leads me to believe that Remus is alot more seme then people give him credit for, more like the strong and protective seme type.. I don't know though, I digress.

I also finished reading, Street Lavender by Chris Hunt and I adore that book. It is so yummy. I can't hardly wait for the rest of the Chris Hunt books that I ordered to come in.

Per usual I miss kurohyou quite a bit.. but I soon shall have my computer and then that shall make me habby. ^_^

I shall give my thoughts and opinions on Yami no Matsuei later though.. I promise. I want to finish the series first... mmmm Muraki... the lure is great.
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