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Plans for the 6th

I am finally going to meet duokinneas and being that it is my day off, that means I am raring to go. I am going to go with her and her parents to a Asian-American gathering.. (is it a gathering, a party.. I'm not sure) and I am going to assure her parents that I am safe to hang out with. I am sure that she'll post our infamous meeting in her LJ so everyone who is curious as to a -real- -life- -person- that has met Nia.. well then stay tuned to her journal.

Mental Note: Bring GETBACKERS

I would bring Earthian however.. blahblahblah Alexi took it to tech school, I don't know -why- he did.. it's just about gay angels.. *furrowfurrow*

Ah but I have to be there at 11:20.. so meaning I'll probably start out around 10:00 so that I am -certain- not to lose my way on the way to Talyn's house. (I am sorry if I get your name mixed up like that. *blahs*.. one day I'll figure it out!)
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