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~Wishing on the same star~

For those of you that I freaked out yesterday with not coming online. It was all Adelphia's fault. It started on Sunday night and didn't stop -all- monday. Which annoyed me to no end. Because I knew that I wouldn't see kurohyou for a while if I missed her on monday. (Being that D-fox is coming over). So it was like biding my time..

Did stuff.. played Suikoden II.

Oh gods, I love that game.. and luckily I -didn't- miss a character like I had originally thought I did. So yes, Gilbert is happily enscounced in Kurohyou Castle. Along with Doctor Huan and Shu.

Oh gods, Dr Haun and Shu.. that might be my Suikoden OTP.. except instead of Huan the Citan clone being the town bicycle, it would have to be Shu.. I swear he hits on EVERYONE in that game. Apple, Haun, FILTCHER!!!! *justdies*

Shu, you slut.

Also had chinese food and worked on that long-ass mother of surveys which I still didn't get done. -_-

And then I went to sleep early.. help of sleeping pills.. gods I loved that.. but I woke up rested which is a good thing. I usually don't get very rested. -_-

Anyways back! *cackles*
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