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~Excerpt from the Kuro and Nia Show~

SigurdxHyuga: Those soft tears did not waken Lian, he was too content in his dreams.. in the fact that he was together with his love in them.. he was indeed dreaming about Jayse, about soft lips caressing over his own lips, his long black hair spread out against the pillow, his breath was steady and sure. And he was free for the taking, free for the killing.. that is if Jayse could move himself to do it.. move himself to take the man that he had grown to love.
Deus Ex Mun: ((*dies* So tragic....))
SigurdxHyuga: (I know.. *thuds*)
Deus Ex Mun: Jayse's fingers tightened a little bit on the wire and he bit his lips, starting to lightly press against Lian's throat, the pressure slowly growing.. however he froze... and then drew back sharply, staggering to his feet and throwing th wire aside.. sinking to the floor to sob bitterly. He couldn't do it, not knowing that Lian loved him. He walked back to the cabinet and got out a gun, sitting on the bed and just holding it, considering what to do as he sobbed.
SigurdxHyuga: (*dies snickering*)
SigurdxHyuga: (What the fuck are you going to do with the gun.. *eyes Jayse*)
SigurdxHyuga: (*eyes Angst Whores R Us*)
SigurdxHyuga: (We think they want their merchandise back)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Jayse: X_x I dunno......))
Deus Ex Mun: ((*snarks* He's confuzzled.. he doesn't know what he wants to do))
Deus Ex Mun: ((*dies laughing*))

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