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~Morpheus should not be allowed out to play~

Janus Valentine - [[Some of the lesser organizations in that sector don't want to join. They need... persuasion.]]
Morpheus Caelderon - (You know, Morphy as second in command is a very scary thought. X_x )
Morpheus Caelderon - [[How many do you want me to scare? *and scare is the codeword for 'kill'*]]
Jessica Marks - (*doesnt like the idea of geting a women who hates men and a man who hates women in the same room...*)
Janus Valentine - [[*Hands over a list.*]]
Morpheus Caelderon - [[*eyes the list* *commits it to memory and then burns it with his lighter*]]
Morpheus Caelderon - (*has only seen Morpheus act human -once- and that was on his date with Visolo* Wow, two seperate individuals.. it was freaky)
Morpheus Calederon - (I mean who would of thought that Morpheus would hold the doors open for someone or be romantic.. I think he got advice from Janus.. -_- )
Morpheus Caelderon - (I mean that is the only thing I can think of that a beast like him would know -anything- romantic. -_- )

[[*kills Nia*]]

Janus Valentine - [[*Tacks a note on Morpheus's door*

How to please a man*]]
Morpheus Caelderon - [[*has put out cigarrettes on spasming victims in their death throes.. has no use for romance*]]
Morpheus Caelderon - (OMFG THAT WAS FUNNY!)
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