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~This cracked me up~

I got a emailed comment from a sonic85 and evidentally he was checking out Dreamnest because here was his comment.

I like your site, many interesting information inside... Check out my homepage inside... Check out my homepage penis enhancement

Ah, my response to this.

You sir are just teasing me. If I -could- get a cock, I would and quite happily. But because my transgendered wishes can't be fufilled, I am stuck with the the equipment I have. DAMN IT STOP TEASING ME WITH ENLARGING THAT WHICH I DO NOT POSSESS BUT VERY MUCH LONG FOR.


People are so mean.

*Nia knows this is not directly applying to her, along with all the anon people leaving pr0n spam in her journal.. hot l0lita @ss.. yes whatever....*

On to brighter subjects.. does anyone ever get porn spam in their journal or is it just me?
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