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~To clarify~

I am -very- excited about the Harry Potter movie.

However I am not going to screech and squeal about it. I figure when I see it, I see it. And I will probably see it two times. One with Tayln and once with Alexi.

However duokinneas, when we go together (if we go), Is there other movie theaters in Boise besides Edwards? Because if we go, I suggest we go to that. And ooh soon we'll get to meet in person and I shall borrow Yami no Matsuei and you shall be inducted into the wonders that is Getbackers. And also about last night and the email, don't worry about it. I figured that is what happened, no sweat. ^_^

I figure that with the next paycheck I am definitely going to buy myself another Xenogears doujinshi. Either that or go to JPQUeen and by some yaoi manga. I mean this paycheck I treated myself by buying "Street Lavender" by Chris Hunt. (A book that was highly recommended by zehavit_lamasu.. and I am sure I will enjoy the book.

We'll see. ^_^
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