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~Go ahead.. get captivated~

I do not think that words can adequately express how much I -love- that woman. And it is not because of the RP at all.. though it is fun.. it is because when we talk, when we get into one of our indepths talks, my heart glows.. and it feels like it glows -just- for her. And I can tell every time she smiles because the glow sort of pulses just a bit.

She holds the light that can withstand my cavern of secrets..

And each time we part ways online, I feel a small tweak of my heart that stays there until the moment we come back online to the world we created within each other.

She is quite honestly the most beautiful person that I know and she's healed me in alot of ways.

But I digress.. is that any surprise.

Oh yes, I managed to look at what I had written in the past.. two years ago to be exact. And dear gods, I was insane. My reason was definitely suspect back then.. but I did say some remarkably insightful things. And I realize that... so perhaps my 22nd year of life wasn't -completely- wasted.

Anyways I shall leave you all with a happy little hug from One Winged Hyu..

Someone whose -finally- found their other wing.

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