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Instead of the Kuro & Nia show.. it's switched to the Kuro!Nia show.~

Deus Ex Mun: XDD I am mary Magdalene....
Tear Venus: *just dies*
Tear Venus: OMG
Deus Ex Mun: *dies too*
Deus Ex Mun: Oh man that is just so wrong.. *posts it up*
Tear Venus: The prostitute and the corrupt lady
Tear Venus: YAY
Deus Ex Mun: *cackles*
Tear Venus: *makes out with my Kuro*
Deus Ex Mun: *makes out and curls around you*
Deus Ex Mun: X_x Sigurd you just did not...
Tear Venus: What did Sigurd do?
Deus Ex Mun: Magdalene!Sigurd: *smirks*
Deus Ex Mun: *facepalms*
Tear Venus: OMG!
Deus Ex Mun: He cloned himself.. again..
Tear Venus: That's like Jesus!Citan
Tear Venus: And God!Citan
Deus Ex Mun: XDD and Judas!Sigurd and Lucifer!Sigurd
Deus Ex Mun: *falls over giggling*
Deus Ex Mun: Sigurd: *sits next to the cloning machine amused*
Tear Venus: I say Jesus!Citan was doing Judas!Sigurd and Magdelene!Sigurd both.
Tear Venus: That's why they crucified him X_x
Tear Venus: Because Jesus was a slut. >_<
Tear Venus: Or rather Jesus!Citan to not be -so- blasphemous
Deus Ex Mun: *dies snickering* XDD Yes....
Tear Venus: Citan: You went beyond the blasphemous line a -long- time ago
Deus Ex Mun: *cackles and prods!Jesus Citan*
Deus Ex Mun: Hush Citan, you get no say! *snickers*
Tear Venus: Jesus!Citan: *dies for everyone's sins*
Deus Ex Mun: Yup... he'll be dying over and over again for our sins....
Deus Ex Mun: **makes fresh sin every couple minutes**
Tear Venus: *cackles*
Tear Venus: It's kinda like coffee!
Tear Venus: Put some more out to brew!
Deus Ex Mun: ^^ Yes!!
Deus Ex Mun: *puts the sin out to brew*
Tear Venus: *has to send you Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode
Deus Ex Mun: Nooj: *coughs* >_< Oh my god... that's why my coffee tasted strange....
Tear Venus wants to send file D:\My Music\Depeche Mode\Depeche Mode - Jesus Personal.mp3.
Deus Ex Mun: ^^ yes!
Tear Venus: It is conglomerated Kuro!Nia sin
Tear Venus: Fresh and steaming!
Tear Venus: Just like hell!
Deus Ex Mun: Nooj: X_x No one told me the coffee pot was filled with sin and not coffee......
Deus Ex Mun: XDD! Yay for sin coffee!

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