Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~Stolen from superelectra~

My icon turned out CUTE! *just dies* I love it. X_x

I might have to toss a Citan picture to give way to this one. *giggles*

I had to give myself a kicky beret though. I figure if I had a beret in all it's pretentious glory, I would probably wear it. *yars*

http://www.abi-station.com/illustmaker/index_en.shtml <--- make your own icon here. ^_^

Edit: I did toss a Citan picture. He had two annoyed pictures and gods -knows- he needs two of them. I mean, really.. he can only use -one- of them at a time.. duh. ^_~

And I entitled the icon, "Citan as a girl" a sort of play off the Bjork song, "Venus as a boy"
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