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~Much contributing for all~

kurohyou and I spent quite a bit of time last night talking over Sylvia and how to make the Elessari a better place and she formulated some ideas that damn.. just wow. I love them already, in fact we are starting in on Phalia right now. (Which is originally Westphalia except we shortened the name to make it a little bit more hospitable... and prettier looking.)

So now there are sorta five republics to the Elessari Continent.

Sylvia = Home of the Mystics, the Ruler is Queen Patricia Kirkland
Kyria = Is being rebuilt because of Janus's naughty naughty. It used to be run by the elves.
Olympia = Home of the elite, ruled by Prince Ean Valiase
Phalia = Desert kingdom. No defined ruling system -yet-.. but there is alot of slave trade that goes on there. -_- We are sort of building this place as we play in it.. right now it has a capital city (Kyorina) and a slave trade city (Tanjar). The slave masters are going to get settlements (which are like prison camps, except for slaves and are a great deal more lush)
Volumina which is the ocean kingdom surrounding Elessari. Ruled by Mesarthim (a Kuro creation) in a matriarchial sort of way.

Illucia needs to be fleshed out but we shall do it, it'll be quite fun to see how much Elessari develops. And also it touches me that Kuro wants to contribute too. It really does. Since Sylvia is apart of my heart, it feels like Kuro is snuggling down with it and sharing it with me. ^_^

Oh man, I love my C, Vasya Te'Aveh.. he is teh ebul. X_x. It's already been determined that he, Lazuli (Kuro's C) and Janus Zeal are in favor with each other. -_-; And that -can't- be good.

Janus doesn't need more friends. *sweatdrops*

The sentance, "I fear for what tomorrow brings" is -very- apt.
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