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~Fic Ideas~

1.) "Here I Stand and Face the Rain" by A-ha - This will be Midori's songfic where she elaborates on her ability to read her father and mother's mind. The real question remains.. does she really -like- what she finds there?

2.) "Cannot Hide" by A-ha - My response to Sigurd's coming down to the surface, perhaps when he meets Citan on the deck of the Yggsdrasil for the first time, and how he -deals-. The first songfic in which I would write from Sigurd's perspective and not Citan's.

3.) "Candleburn" by Dishwalla - kurohyou actually suggested it, a fic that acts as a sequel to "Hunting High and Low" in which Yui finally meets the object of her husband's inner affections.

4.) "Slice me Nice" not a songfic but will have lyrics. This is the song where the Xenogears gang goes kareoking, and manage to get Citan to sing something. Then Citan and Sigurd do a duet. Cuteness shall abound, this one won't be overly angsty or dramatic.

That is it, but I have the first songfic for Yui done.. *chibi yays*
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