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~Changing the world.. one icon at a time~

Time for me to change my icon.

Now for those of you that don't know how it works, it is simple really. I change my default icon by my MP3 playlist.. because I put it onto random and then use the whole "Guilt by Association" type thing. Needless to say that method gets me quite a bit of humor since usually the song titles are really snarky and the whatnot. Usually Krelian controls my playlist.

So now the next song is... *drumroll*

"Everything" by M2M which means that I -do- have a icon that uses lyrics from that song. *goes to get*

Nothing to really make fun of.. so Citan has a normal week I suppose. *snickers*

That needless to say is one of my favorite Citan pictures. Because he looks so mysterious..

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