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Almost done with the gift fic for kurohyou, the conclusion will be easy. I found it a bit easier to write for Nooj now. X_x; Hopefully my representation of him doesn't completely suck. (Kuro, you shall have to tell me if it does!). It will also be easier to write for Sigurd I am thinking now that I have his sun sign pegged down to that of a Sagittarius.

It was funny because I was typing the profiles down for Sigurd, Nooj, Citan and Baralai (Sag, Leo, Scorpio and Virgo respectively. Granted I know that jurhael's Baralai is a Scorpio but I find that my Baralai muse fits more into the Virgo stereotype then anything.. my Citan muse however.. he is a Scorpio -all- the way, passion simmering under crystal cool logic and reason. *just dies*)

Probably main reason why my Baralai muse gets along better with Nooj then jurhael's because we determined that Nooj and Citan would be battle royale because of their Scorpio x Leo combination which is just.. well EXTREMELY volatile. Now a Virgo Baralai would probably be able to weather Nooj's Leo drama and patiently overlook it.

Anyways.. on to finish the songfic.
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