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~Couldn't stand there, and put you through it~

In an ideal world,

I would be able to come up with a songfic idea for all four A-ha songs that I have on my playlist.

I've already written a Hyuga Ricdeau songfic to "Minor Earth, Major Sky",

I'm planning a songfic for Yui set to "Hunting High and Low"

Now there are two songs left.

"Cannot Hide" and
"Here I Stand and Face the Rain"

Now if I wanted to make it a complete series, I -could- write one for Sigurd and then one for Midori.

Thus making it a set.

Theoretically I could set Sigurd into "Cannot Hide" because the lyrics -could- work. And "Here I Stand and Face the Rain" has a distinctly child-like feel to it.

However I am uncertain of my ability to -write- Sigurd. Yui is no problem.. neither is Midori.. because I've played them in various forms.. but Sigurd is somewhat of an enigma to me. He consists of a fire and passion that I need to research more. I am also like that with Nooj. I am trying to write Nooj in the Kareoke fic, but he just doesn't seem to -come- to me. It's easier for Baralai and to an extent Gippal.

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