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~Should I.. or should I not~

I have been hit by -several- muses.

Both Yui and Baralai are hitting me over the head.

Baralai, Nooj, Gippal and Paine at a kareoke bar where Baralai gets up to sing "Mmmbop", which would be an interesting little drabble. I can imagine Nooj's expression in my mind which is just.. X_x. Of course thanks to kurohyou for giving me that mental image.

So now I have -two- pieces of creativity to crank out. *cackles*

I would have to roll the dice to see if Baralai tries to get Gippal and Nooj to sing too. I can see Nooj up there on the stage.. it makes me want to snark into my imaginary cup of soda. X_x
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