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~Would someone please explain.. the reason for this strange behavior~

I dreamt that I was a bartender.. or rather I was a bartender's assistant. And it was like a three hour job and it was rather fun... though the bartender ended up throwing eggs at me. Then I talked with Alexi and I made plans with him to go to Mississippi and I was going to the Disneyland in Biloxi (where Alexi is) and of course my grandmother made an appearance in the dream because I was sick and she was the one nursing me back to health sort of like old times.. and it was nice, I definitely felt comforting in that dream.

Then I woke up because Shaoran was trying to flop down on my neck.. which is very painful considering that Shaoran is the alpha (fe)Male and built like a brick wall

When I woke up it was 9:30

I called up Alexi and sat in the car talking to him for a good half an hour.. actually 38 minutes, then I went down to Wal-Mart to browse things, smiling over things that were said last night. It is really funny. When you are in love.. your heart sings a symphony that you cannot hear normally, but when you are in love.. the music becomes louder, apparent... and your heart seems to beat in time with that.

Then I swung over and for lunch I got some Kentucky Fried Chicken which of course the cats were badgering for. I always pick up an extra breast for the cats.. because I know they like the treat. Quite simply put, mommy is the candyman. *snickers*

Shadow though has this annoying habit of trying to whap food out of my hands.. like he's some top secret ninja kitty. (which he is.. shh' don't disabuse him of the notion). But the kittens are the ones who beg for the food.. the adult kitties are just like "Eh, let them have their fun."

I am approaching yet another Duran Duran kick. That is definitely a group I could never get tired of listening to. -_-; I want to have Simon's voice babies.

Oh yes, I remember now. I mentioned Simon in my dream.. it had something to do with Duran Duran, because I remember saying Simon's name. Oh damn it, now I'm going to be wracking my brain for what happened down that dream-alley.

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