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~The way I feel, you know I'll never keep you waiting~

Deus Ex Mun: Wtf? *dies and smacks the song* Don't give me mental images of drug addict!Sigurd!// ^^ Yes! Then Yui doesn't have to worry about Quinton being int he way!
Deus Ex Mun: *dies*
Tear Venus: Oooh drug addict Citan! *hee's*
Tear Venus: Or rather SIgurd
Tear Venus: Because Citan DON"T DO DRUGS!
Deus Ex Mun: XDD Citan is consious of teh heath risks!
Tear Venus: Citan: *holds up the frying pan* This is drugs.. *holds up egg* This is your brain.. *cracks brain into drugs* This is your brain on drugs... any questions?
Deus Ex Mun: *pictures Sigurd getting high*
Tear Venus: *dies*
Deus Ex Mun: Sigurd: You gonna eat that egg?
Deus Ex Mun: *DIES*
Deus Ex Mun: I know.. that just amused me..
Tear Venus: Why is it that every one of our logs amuse me to no end? *snickers*
Deus Ex Mun: He wasn't even paying attention to the analogy... *snickers* He was too focused on the egg.
Deus Ex Mun: ^^ Because we have so much fun together?
Tear Venus: Citan: *serves Sigurd his brain sunny side up*
Deus Ex Mun: Sigurd: *eats it with toast*
Deus Ex Mun: *dies*

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