Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~This is just too cute~

Baralai and Sigurd are sirens. And Nooj and Hyuga are sailors that were lured by their songs. And here is the funny part.

Hyuga & Baralai: played by me
Sigurd & Nooj: played by kurohyou

Sigurd to Hyuga: "Well... not exactly.. though I have never had food that played back, I do not believe I want to -eat- you at all... perhaps I plan to.. keep you captive." he breathed and lowered his lips to place kisses along Hyuga's chest and stomach, licking lightly and nipping very gently.

Nooj to Baralai: Nooj blinked as his eyes slid up to gaze skyward, a darkened sigh escaping his lips. "I had nothing and no one to live for. A wanderer on the seas of fate seeking his own death. How pathetic, no? And until now I could not even die properly, could not even perform such a simple task as dying. You are... truly too kind my angel. I am afraid that what beauty I hold if any is broken." he closed his eyes then.

Hyuga to Sigurd: Hyuga tried to wiggle himself out from underneath the siren's embrace and he succeeded, sort of sitting there and having to look at his captor.. and he was completely taken aback by the beauty of his captor, the siren's beauty was almost as legendary as the voice and he bit his lower lip, sort of holding his shirt together. "And if I do not wish to be held captive..?" He had to ask this.. his reasoning finally getting some sort of foothold, as it had been previously held underwraps by the singing.

Baralai to Nooj: "You are not broken.. you are beautiful.." Baralai murmured as he curled up beside Nooj and looked down at the face that was looking up at the sky... the resolute curve of the jaw. "I cannot kill you..." He whispered as he lightly trailed his fingers over those rosy lips. "Normally I would devour you.. but.. I.. find that I cannot.. I tried to bite into you and you are quite tough..."

Kuro and I both believe that Baralai is too cute beyond words. -_-... with his comment about Nooj being uneatable. *giggles*

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