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~Dream a dream..~

Oh damn, DDR is so addictive.

I have managed to get through Dream a Dream with only 7boos. I have the mad footwork skills. I am aiming for zero. I shall just pretend that I have the mad skills like Kiros. ^_^ Now it is time for me to topple into bed because I am majorly tired. But first a glass of water.

Everyone.. feel my majorly hawt leg muscles. *flexes them*


duokinneas, if you have a Playstation 2, when I come down to see you.. I'll bring the DDR pad, kay! *snickergiggles* If you don't have a playstation 2, then I'll bring -mine-. It's just too much fun.

I didn't call Tayln tonight because Alexi called, however the weekend is coming up, then I shall call her. ^_^ Hopefully to arrange a time when I can come over, that does not coincide with my evening work schedule.

*distributes hugs to everyone*

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