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~Could be there's a hole in my wonderful world~

*watches the 4th trailer of Xenosaga II*

Yes, this is going to be one messed up game. I can see it now. Oh gods is it messed up. But I love it. *huggles the Jin muse*

Citan: Better him then I... *eyes Jin who is getting huggled profusely*

Oh don't worry Citan, he -is- you.. he is just you in a different form.. you both still hold the same.. meaning in my mind.. he just lost his glasses. ^_^ *drags Jin off to play tea party with me*

Jin: *is dragged, not reluctantly though.. he has not seen how Nia can be with Cs since he has not been screwed over by Nia yet*

Citan: *wishes his incarnate good luck, he'll need it*
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