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~List of things that have happened today -Interlude-~

1.) On the 55 MPH drive to the base to go to work, I was stuck behind someone doing 35 MPH. (Good thing that I had good tunes to keep me company, else I might of had to go crazy.)

2.) I met two of the most -polite- children on Mountain Home Air Force Base. They made me smile with their 'pleases' and 'thank yous'. They made me actually want to have children. Unfortunateyly the next 30 children in line wanted me to wish them all to perdition.

3.) Going to have hamburgers for dinner tonight, then I drive Alexi over to Robbie's house for a Lan Party. I come back, go to work for "The Passion of Christ" and then I come back home.

4.) My headaches once again, searching for some asprin but I cannot find any so I might have to also stop and get some. I swear I get so many headaches, though thank to E-sama and Kuro, I know what it is -caused- by now.

Whoohee.. my day in a nutshell. *snickers*

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