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~I'm waiting for the sound of thunder~

Trying to figure what I am doing up at 8:30 am.

I had a wierd nightmare. It involved cannabalism I know that. It was that I was still living with my grandmother but we had all our cats and we decided to let them out of the house because my Aunt Cathy wanted them to come over and visit. So I did that and then I was someone else and I went to a hairstylist however these two guys were being real idiots and so I basically beat one up until he died (yes, forgot to put a violence warning on my dream)

Then I started eating pizza for some reason.

The other jerk came out and I was pretending to eat a slice all the while it registered -what- that pizza was and I had a "Soylent" moment, then I offered the other guy pizza. And so he was slobbering all over and saying how good it was.. until I directed him toward where the body was laying, I didn't see anything else, I just heard retching.

One of those dreams where I wonder how disturbed my inner psyche truly is. It left me with a not so pleasant after-blah in my head.

I changed the default picture wtihout using a song right now, because I was too lazy to turn on my MP3 player.

I was not in the mood for cheesy, "Sigurd, give me back my cum plz" jokes. Funny yes, but not now.

Thank you nekodru and rocaille for the encouragements and the understanding. It meant alot, it actually made me smile when I got online to check my mail.. and now I get offline in order to get bathed.. YAY

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