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Today I am sort of deliriously happy for a few reasons. One is that I am comment talking with one of my Xenogears inspirations. That would be Amber Michelle, because I was on her site and I found the link to her LJ. And since I do not believe in email contact. (come on, this is the -internet- people.. *snickers*) I decided to do it effectively. So I just took the time to comment on her journal about how she was an inspiration to me.

And she commented back.

Now everyone knows that there is nothing greater then when someone who is (or was) -very- prolific in the fandom comes down from their pedestal to talk with you. As far as I am concerned Amber Michelle has recieved quite a bit of celebrity in the Xenogears fandom.

She was also impressed by my adoration for Hyuga. And she liked my Hyuga's Ass icon.

Just... wow. I think I shall be riding this high for a little while. ^_^

Edit: I doubt I could get her to play Miang for shaketheheavens. Though I know she would probably be a good Miang.. -_- Resist.. the urge.. to invite.. her
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