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~I love the nightlife, the crazy nightlife~

Man, I refuse to say that I am -liking- disco.. except that I know that "Juliet" by Modern Talking is starting to really get into my system. And it has a decidedly disco beat... next it shall be Abba and.. oh, wait.. I listen to Erasure.. that is -almost- the same as listening to Abba since they do so many remakes.

"Oh I walk through the party in the disco light
Saturday is going and I'm feeling alright
And I got tired of being alone
She has my heart, but she has no hold.."

This has about as much appeal to me as "Witch Queen of Eldorado." It is one of those songs that make me feel decidedly.. well masculine. (I know that sounds really wierd..). I think it is because romantically, I always feel the masculine one in the relationship.. (though I can switch), so songs about women seem to affect me. But anyways.. I ramble. Man, my music tastes have certainly diversified. ^_^;

*sways* Ju-ju-ju--liet.. *sings*

Okay, that is enough from me until I decide to post again.
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