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~Survey gacked from chibikazz~

A. A bit of background info.
1. Name: Nia or Hyu. Whichever you prefer. That usually depends on what gender you think I am. It's an enigma. Though some -do- know.

2. Pen name(s): One Winged Hyu, Angel Nia, Bondage Seraph and Hyu. I usually use the first one though. It has special meaning for me. ^_^

3. Age: Twenty-four years old

4. What do you do for a living?: I work at the base theater, which of course is quite a bit of fun. I do all sorts of odd jobs. I really like working there.

B. Lets talk fandom
5. What are your fandoms?: I don't have many fandoms. I like to stick to a few fandoms and then become prolific in them. My main one is Xenogears with a very strong backing in most of the Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger series. (FFX-2/FF6 & Chrono Trigger). And of course most of my fandoms are laced with yaoi so... well that is me. ^_^

6. How do you interact with these fandoms?: Fanfiction, icons, extensive theorizing and obsessing over them to the point where sometimes I wonder if the game/fandom becomes me.

7. If fanfic is how you interact, how did you come to writing fanfic?: With fanfiction, well I've -always- been writing. I wrote Chrono Trigger fanfiction before I got the internet.. And well writing has always been a form of self expression for me that I am always fascinated with

8. What are you favorite pairings?: Oh! This is easy, this pairing is actually who I am known for online, at least in Xenogears circles. Sigurd Harcourt and Citan Uzuki from Xenogears. Though I have been known to write Nooj x Baralai from FFX-2, Laguna and Kiros from FF8, and Sirius and Remus from Harry Potter.

9. Are you a slasher? Yes I am.. ^_^

10. If you aren't a slasher, do you know what one is?: Most of my co-horts online -are- slashers.

11. What are your thoughts on slash?: For some people, it works.. for other people.. they should stick to het. It is all about what is comfortable for -you- to read and write. I will not go extoling the virtues of slash to those who do not like it.. I'll let them keep their het, just let me have my man-love.

12. How long have you been writing fanfic?: I started my first fanfic in 10th grade, and I was.. oh, 16 at the time.. so I would say roughly 8 years. ^_^; A very long time, yes.

13. How do you decide to write a fanfic?: It almost -always- starts with audio stimulation. I will hear a song and then the lyrics will touch on some sort of creativity button and then I will not be able to get the idea out of my head until I write it out. It always has the basis in music. I would quote Citan Uzuki right now, but perhaps I shouldn't...

14. Are you a well-known fanfic writer?: I am well known by those who know Xenogears. I have my fictions scattered at different places.. I might not be uber popular.. but by those who know my work, they like me and that's all that really matters. ^_^

15. What do you think of fanfic writers who have acclaimed some fame in their fandom?: I respect them for being able to take the characters and somehow make them their own in a vicarious way.

16. Do you make fanart? I am not a fanartist unfortunately. I suck at art

17. If you do make fanart, how do you make it? Do you draw it? Do you use any sort of image editor?: N/A

18. Are you involved in roleplaying in any of your fandoms?: Oh yes, I have over 300 Xenogears logs on my computer. *evil laughter* And a good ammount of FFX-2. Thanks to of course the beautiful kurohyou and lostangelssong

19. If you do rp in your fandoms, where do you rp?: Mostly on AIM though I am getting a Xenogears journal set up, we still need a Fei and Elly at shaketheheavens.

20. Do you play characters that are canon to your fandom or do you play originals?: I play both.

21. What are your thoughts on playing canon chars?: I love playing canon characters. My favorite RP character of course is Citan Uzuki... and I think I have him nailed. It takes great skill to make that character your own. My Citan Uzuki I am confident is still Citan but he is different from the other Citan Uzuki's RPed, because I gave him that special little touch. He is very dear to me despite everything I have put him through.

22. What are your thoughts on playing original characters?: Same with Canon..

23. Do you LARP any fandom?: No, though it would be kickass to have a Xenogears LARP... *oohs*.

24. Do you Cosplay any fandom?: One day I shall go as Citan Uzuki. *cackles*

25. If you LARP or Cosplay, are you opposed to dressing up as a male character?: I'd probably be -more- likely to dress up as a male character.

26. If you rp, are you opposed to playiing a male character?: Once again see above.. I can't play females to save my life it seems

27. What are your thoughts on a woman playing a male character in LARP, Cosplay or RP?: Do what you want! *grins* Don't let gender stop you!.

28. Do you attend conventions? If so, how many have you been to and what cons (and where)? Do you have any memorable moments at the conventions?: I still need to go to a con.

29. Have you ever made friends with people IRL because of your fandom?: No I haven't.. I want to though. -_-

Fandom: how you see yourself and how others see you
30. Are you a fangirl?: Yes I would say I am. Not rabid though, but I do have a healthy dose of fangirlism in me.

31. If you are a fangirl, was there ever a time when you didn't consider yourself a fangirl, such as, were you in the fandom closet?: I have always displayed tendancies even -before- I started in on anime/manga/video games

32. How do you define "fangirl" and what is your idea of the stereotypical fangirl?: Fangirl is someone who takes delight in a fandom. It displays knowledge and power.. however the stereotypical fangirl (which I believe there does exist alot of these) spouts off kawaii alot, squeals at anything fannish and bounces up and down creaming her panties when she sees something particularly appealing.

33. Is a female fan different than a fangirl? How do you see the two being different?: Fan and fangirl mean the same thing in my opinion

34. What have been your experiences with your family and your fandom(s)? Are you accepted?: Yes, of course I get rolls of the eyes from Alexi but well he has his ranma fandom so really I tell him to shove it.. and my cats.. well they just tolerate it.

35. What have been your experiences with your co-workers and your fandom(s)? Are you accepted?: I don't tell my co-workers about me or my hobbies.

36. Do you proudly depict yourself as a fangirl 24/7 even at the expense of people thinking you to be an odd person?: I will never deny the fact that I am a fangirl..

37. How has fandom changed your life?: It's given me more of a reason to prefer fantasy. *snickers* Though reality -is- a necessary evil.

38. Are you part of a fanonical religion?: I am apart of two fangirl cults.. Sigurd x Citan cult (I'm the leader of that one) and then the Nooj x Baralai one. (Which Kuro is the leader), our cults are twined by the hip.. so if you wanna join it, feel free.. we always want new members..

39. Have you ever gotten, or plan to get, a tattoo that is related to your fandom? Why a tattoo?: I would like to get something Citan related tattoo'd on me, he'd probably spazz though..

40. What are your thoughts on fangirls in writing, real life and the media?: I have no opinion toward them!

41. Are you one to talk about your fandom(s) at any given time in your life, even when your fandom(s) are not the center of conversation?: Of course, it is easy for me to switch into fandom. Almost second nature.

42. Do you purchase merchandise and/or make merchandise that is related to your fandom? What sort of things do you own?
Need.. more.. Xenogears.. Doujinshi.. Gah! *struggles*

43. I'd like to hear anything related to fandom in your life that I have forgotten to ask about: No.. *falls over* Not really.

44. What do you think about fandom in your life and as a lifestyle?: Fandoms give my mind stuff to think about.. stuff that I enjoy. As Chibikazz said, it wouldn't make life unliveable, it'd just make it less fun not to have such thoughts to look forward to.

45. Have you ever met any famous fangirls or fanboys? Who are they?: No I haven't.. so sad.. *droopy*

46. Would you say that the fandoms of science fiction and fantasy are very similar to the fandoms of comic books? What about the fandoms of actors, actresses and musicians?: Fandoms are fandoms.. *nods8

47. Finally, Questions, Comments, and Concerns. Anything and everything. What did you think of this survey?: No.. I'm done.. I go sleepies! ^_^

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